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Farmer Jacks Farm Shop originally opened in 2005, a partnership of two established Island farmers with the shared aim of providing quality and variety, reducing food miles, and promoting and supporting the wide range of local produce available from the many farmers and food producers of the Isle of Wight.

Between the two farming families the Brown's and Pierce's have an agricultural heritage that spans several generations. Amongst the range of produce they grow are some of the most sought after seasonal delicacies, all of which are readily available from Farmer Jacks Farm Shop when in season.

These seasonal delights include asparagus, cherries, apricots, strawberries, pumpkins, squash and of course sweetcorn which is celebrated every September at the annual Sweetcorn Fayre.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of friends, family and loyal customers as well as heightened interest and awareness of buying local food among the general public, June 2010 saw the long awaited arrival of the new purpose built Farmer Jacks Farm Shop.

The new shop with the addition of our in house butcher, delicatessen and the food hall has enabled Farmer Jacks to significantly increase choice and variety offering inspiration to many a discerning and curious shopper. It has also reinforced our ongoing campaign to support the local community by promoting fresh local seasonal produce and good honest food that is sourced with passion.

Take a look at our farm shop page to find out about all the delicious food we have to offer.

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MEETthe team

Cheese Specialist

Mel Fletcher is Farmer Jack's cheese supremo; its thanks to her hard work that we were recognised as one of the best new cheese retailers in the UK.  Mel is kept on her toes with over 40 cheeses, plus cooked meats and pies and deli items to keep at their best, and she is the best person to talk to for advice on cheese.  When she isn't in Farmer Jack's shop, Mel enjoys riding her horse around the beautiful Island countryside. 

Q: What do you like best about working at Farmer Jack's?

A: Its a great place to work - the team are all good friends and our customers are really nice.  The food is pretty special too!

Q: What cheese would you recommend?

A: Well, it depends whether you want cow's, sheep, goat's or buffalo milk cheese!  I like cheese on toast made with Isle of Wight Galleybagger (cow's milk), and the Rosary goat cheeses have a lovely delicate flavour.

Q: How would you encourage people to buy more local food?

A: The choice is amazing - there really is something for everyone, and for every budget.